Ancient Spanish 218BC to 17AD

The natives of Hispania resisted Rome for 200 years giving the Romans more than one defeat. While very capable at fighting with missiles and employing ambushes, the Iberians were not averse to closing to combat at need utilising a precursor of the pilum and well made swords of very high quality steel. One of these latter types was so good as to be adopted by the Romans.

Bandits were plentiful and would flock to a good battle making up part of the LC and providing some infantry which would, by habit and lack of training, be less inclined to close to combat.

Celtiberians are given as more inclined to fighting formal battles and even attacking the legions successfully in a wedge formation. At the same time, they often used detachments of warriors to skirmish with the Romans and draw them into ambushes or encourage them to pursue.

There is a strong convention among some wargamers that the Luistanians used more skirmish infantry. This is catered for, but these can only be used if the player is prepared to accept a corresponding restriction of his numbers of LHI.

Armati does not really provide a troop type equivalent to Spanish infantry. LI are generally unsuitable simply because they cannot close with enemy HI, but these are made available for the Celtiberian and Iberian troops as decoys often used to engage and then deliberately flee from fighting to draw enemy troops out of formation and into a sword fight with the other warriors.

Sources include Plutarch, Diodorus, Strabo, Julius Caesar, Ancient Spanish by Rafael Trevino, and Amies of the Macedonian and Punic Wars by Duncan Head."

Era: Biblical   Ancient Spanish 218BC to 17AD CR: H: 2 L: 6   BP: 2 Init: 5
Number Type   Description Key FV PROT Weapon Cost
4 LHI Warriors K 4[1]2 1 Javelins and Swords 7
2 SI Balaerics/Iberians   3[1]2 2 Slingers 2
2 SI Caetrati   3[1]2 2 Javelins 2
1 HC Devotio K 4[0]0 1 Various 10
1 LC     2[0]0 1 Javelins 7
1 LI Bandit Allies   4[1]2 1 Javelins 7
8 WB Celtiberian K 5[1]3 1 Various 6
8 LHI Iberian/Luisitanian Warriors K 4[1]2 1 Javelins and Swords 7
4 LI Decoys*   4[1]2 1 Javelins 7
5 SI Caetrati   3[1]2 2 Javelins 2
4 SI Native Slingers   3[1]2 2 Slings 2
1 SI     2[1]1 2 Bows 2
9 SI Luisitanian**   3[1]2 2 Javelins 2
1 HC   K 4[0]0 1 Various 10
2 LC     2[0]0 1 Javelins 7


Core: 1 GR

Bonus: (Max:5) 3 SH, 2 W, 1 RG


Core: 96 Bonus: 199

WB are BP 3, move 9 inches.

* Only if at least two WB are bought. Celtiberian decoys were expected to disperse if pressed too hard.

** No Bonus LHI may be bought if any Lusitanian SI are used.

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