Late Avars 631 to 792 AD

This is an attempt to simulate the Avar army from the break up of the Avar confederation after the unsuccessful siege of Constantinople if 626 A.D. until the almost total destruction of Avar power by the Carolingians, Lombards, Bavarians and Bulgars. The starting date could be as late as 640 A.D. and the ending date 802 A.D. but the range is roughly probable. Although it is recognized that archeology divides the Avar era into early, middle, and late periods, only early and late armies are planned by Warflute to reflect the greater use of armored cavalry in the earlier period and the later influx of greater numbers of lighter steppe cavalry types.

Written sources include the Strategicon, Priscus, Theophylact Simmocatta, Evagrius, Menander Protector, George of Pisidia's Bellum Avaricum, the Miraculi St. Demetrii, the Sermon on the Siege of Constantinople, Theophanes, the Grand Chronographer, John of Nikkiu, the Slavic Primary Chronicle, The Song of Igor, Isidore of Seville, Paul the Deacon, Einhard, the Chronicle of the Frankish Kings, Nitthard, Sebeos' Armenian History, the Chronicon Paschal, and Agathias.

Era: Triumph of Cavalry   Late Avars 631 to 792 AD CR: H: 3 L: 5   BP: 2 Init: 5
Number Type   Description Key FV PROT Weapon Cost
1 HC Illustrious Men X 5[1]0 +2 Lance/Bow 15
2 HC Armoured Cavalry X 4[0]0 +1 Lance/Bow 12
3 LC   X 1[0]0 +1 Bow 6
2 HC Armoured Cavalry X 4[0]0 +1 Lance/Bow 12
1 HC Lombard Exiles X 4[0]0 +1 Lance 10
6 LC   X 2[0]0 +1 Various/Bow 8
8 LC   X 1[0]0 +1 Bow 6
2 FT Castle Garrisons* X 4[1]1 +1 Various 4
1 HC Befulci** X 4[0]0 +1 Various 10
4 LI Befulci**   3[1]2 +1 Javelin 5
3 SI Befulci**   3[1]2 +2 Javelin 2
3 SI Befulci**   2[1]1 +2 Bow 2


Core: 1GR

Bonus: (Max: 2 ) 2GR; 1SH; 1RG or 1W


Core: 94 Bonus: 180

*FT represent castle garrisons on the Carolingian frontier. In historical games, they may only be used against Frank, Bavarian, Lombard, or Bulgar opponents. In tournament games, they may always be used.

**Befulci are unfree servants often used to fight a battle while the Avars watched for opportunities to exploit both success and failure by the Befulci. If any Befulci are purchased, 20 points of Befulci must be purchased.

List Author: Subadoi