Hsiung-Nu allied with Chinese

Era: Age of Empires   Hsiung-Nu allied with Chinese 174 BC to 150 AD CR: H: 2 L: 6   BP: 2 Init: 5
Number Type   Description Key FV PROT Weapon Cost
1 HC Bodyguard X 4(0)0 +1 Various/bows 12
3 LC Nomads X 2(0)0 +1 Various/bows 8
4 LC Nomads X 1(0)0 +1 Bows 6
1 HC Bodyguard* X 4(0)0 +1 Various/bows 12
6 LC Nomads X 2(0)0 +1 Various/bows 8
8 LC Nomads X 1(0)0 +1 Bows 6
    ALLIED OPTIONS**          
    Hsinn of Hann Ally Option - 200 B.C. ***          
1 HC Hann Cavalry X 4(0)0 +1 Various 10
3 FT Hann Heavy Infantry X 5(1)0 +1 Various/X-bow 8
2 SI Hann Skirmishers****   2(1)1 +2 X-bows 2
    Lu Fang Ally Option - 30 A.D.          
2 HC Han Cavalry X 4(0)0 +1 Various 10
6 FT Han Heavy Infantry X 5(1)0 +1 Various/X-bow 8
2 SI Han Skirmishers****   2(1)1 +2 X-bows 2


Core: 1 GR

Bonus: (Max: 2 ) 2 GR, 1 SH


Core: 96 Bonus: 218

* The bodyguard have been downgraded to reflect the participation of lesser Hsiung Nu generals as Maodun signed a peace treaty with the Han Empire in 198 B.C. Mao-Dun was therefore not active in conjunction with Hsin of Hann and was deceased by the time of Lu Fang. The Hsiung-nu did not seem to institutionalize bodyguards unlike the Mongols. The only explicit reference to a Hsiung-nu bodyguard in Chinese annals is to that of Maodun. So, perhaps retinue would be the better word simulating the personal retinues of one or more of the 10,000 Horsemen officers.

**If one uses this army, one must purchase either the Hsin of Hann option or the Lu Fang option before purchasing any other Bonus units. At least 25 points of Chinese troops must be purchased of which one unit must be heavy cavalry. The Hsin of Hann and the Lu Fang options are mutually exclusive. [However, see the proviso regarding direct Chinese military aid during Hsiung-nu civil wars.] If either the Hsin of Hann or the Lu Fang option is used, an extra heavy division may be purchased at a cost of 4 points.

***The Hsin of Hann option represents the Hsiung Nu army under Maodun after allying with King Hsin of Hann. The Hann kingdom is not the more recognized Han but a distinct northern Chinese satrapy under a former Han general. The Chinese could also include the Chinese ethnic troops of Chao Li and Wang Huang, defecting Han Chinese generals.

The Hsin of Hann option may also be used to simulate direct Chinese military aid to the Hsiung-nu in the various Hsiung-nu civil wars. The numbers of Chinese troops varied from none to 250 to 2,500 to 10,000.

Accordingly, if the Allied option is used to reflect direct Chinese military aid to the Hsiung-nu in a civil war, roll a die. On a roll of 1 or 2, no Chinese troops are available. On a 3, only one unit of the controlling player's choice is available. On a roll of 4 or 5, up to and including 30 points are available. On a die roll of 6, all of the Chinese troops are available. Using this option, Chinese troops may be selected from both the Hsin of Hann and Lu Fang lists. This option is not available in tournament games.

The Lu Fang option represents the commitment of major Hsiung Nu military support to the pretender Lu Fang (Liu Feng) during the rebirth of the Western Han dynasty. During this period, Chinese troops under Lu Fang and his affiliated generals ranged from a large portion of the army to a smaller contingent depending on the popular perception of Lu Fang's success or lack thereof.

**** Chinese SI may not be in the same division as Hsiung Nu LC.

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