Later Central Asian Turks

This list represents the final evolution of Central Asian Turkish army development. Having become much more urbanised, often now settled in conquered towns and territories these armies had become far more defensive in nature.

This list covers the later development of tribes such as:


Early Tanguts (Hsi Hsian)

Later Western (Blue) Turks


It is mainly founded in the later 9th Century but may also be used later and into the early stages of the Age of Chivalry lists. As with the other Central Asian Turk this lists it encompasses the following geographical boundaries:

Lake Balkhash in the northwest; Herat/Samarqand in the west; the Tibetan plateau in the south; and the main Chinese Yellow River border in east.

Era: Triumph of Cavalry   Later Central Asian Turks CR: H: 4 L: 4   BP: 2 Init: 6
Number Type   Description Key FV PROT Weapon Cost
1 HC   X 4[1]0 +1 Lance/bows 12
4 LC   X 2[0]0 +1 Various/Bows 8
2 LC   X 1[0]0 +1 Bows etc 6
1 CAT (d!) Nobles* X 6[2]0 +3 Lance/bows 18
1 HC (d!) Nobles* & ** X 5[1]0 +2 Lance/bows 15
2 HC   X 4[1]0 +2 Lance/Bows 13
2 HC   X 4[1]0 +1 Lance/Bows 12
1 LC   X 3[0]0 +1 Lance/Bows 10
6 LC   X 2[0]0 +1 Various/Bows 8
2 LC   X 1[0]0 +1 Bows etc 6
3 LI   4[1]2 +1 Javelins 7
2 SI     3[1]2 +2 Javelins 2
2 SI     2[1]1 +2 Bows 2
    Allied Contingents          
2 HC(d) Arabs X 4[0]0 +1 Spears 10
2 LC(d) Arabs X 1[0]0 +1 Bows 6
2 CAT(d!) Tibetans** X 6[2]0 +3 Lance/Bows 18
2 HC(d) T'ang X 5[1]0 +1 Lance/Bows 14


Core: 1 GR

Bonus: (Max: 2 ) 2 GR; 1 SH; 1 RG


Core: 96 Bonus: 255


This list is designed to portray a more 'solid' force drawn together from a number of tribes to defeat an invader.

*For each Turkish Bonus HC +3 protection or HC +2 protection bought, at least 1 Bonus Turkish HC FV4 +1 protection HC must be bought as well.

**Tibetans & Turkish HC (Nobles) can alternatively be fielded as CAT(d!) [k] 5[1]0 +3 lance/bow @ 16pts. They have a 12" mounted move, an 18" bow range on foot, and dismount as KN in all respects.

Only 1 Allied Contingent 'nationality' (Arab, Tibetan or T'ang) can be bought at a time.

If the units of a nation are fielded, all units of that 'nationality' must be purchased and allied contingent troops can only fielded in their own division(s) no Turkish troops can be in a Division with allies. Arab LC only count towards the requirement to buy all Light troops for an extra Light Div if an Arab contingent is fielded.

Arab LC(d) dismount as SI key unit 2[1]1 +2 Bows @ 6pts

Arabs can be Khorasanians, Soghdians & other Silk Route States as well as 'true' Arabs.

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Last Edited: 28 March 2006

List Author: Aetius