This is the army of the Elven polity of Lothlorien from the Lord of the Rings by J.R.R., Tolkien.

The Elves of Lorien were known as the Galadrim, the Tree People.

Founded in the Second Age by Galadriel, and modelled after Doriath, Lorien was peopled mainly by Silvan Elves. Galadrial was a Noldor Queen, daughter of Finarfin and sister to High King Finrod, who had remained in Middle Earth after the end of the First Age. Given her status and lineage, it is likely that those Noldor still remaining in Middle Earth, east of the Misty Mountains, would have gravitated to her court in Lothlorien.

The Noldor are described as ferocious warriors in battle. Even at the end of the Third Age, there were still a few who had visited the Undying Lands in the West, and who had come back to Middle Earth (Galadriel was one), or who had been born during the War of the Jewels (such as Elrond). Immensely ancient, immensely experienced, it seems appropriate to classify them as Veterans, and to allow Noldor FT to Wheel and Move, and to form Shieldwall.

Fantasy   Lothlorien CR: H: 4 L: 4   BP: 2 Init: 4
Number Type   Description Key FV PROT Weapon Cost
1 FT Noldor Spearmen* X 7(1)2 +2 Spears 15
1 FT Sindar Spearmen X 6(1)2 +2 Spears 9
2 LHI Silvan Spearmen X 5(1)3 +1 Spears 8
1 LHI Sindar Archers X 4(1)2 +1 Longbows 9
2 SI Silvan Skirmishers   2(1)1 +2 Longbows 5
1 HC Noldor Cavalry (d)** X 6(2)0 +2 Lances 16
2 HC Sindar HC X 5(0)0 +1 Lances 12
1 FT Noldor Spearmen* X 7(1)2 +2 Spears 15
3 FT Sindar Spearmen X 6(1)2 +2 Spears 9
3 LHI Sindar Spearmen X 5(1)3 +1 Spears 8
3 LHI Sindar Archers X 4(1)2 +1 Longbows 9
4 SI Silvan Archers   2(1)1 +2 Longbows 5


Core: 1 W

Bonus: (Max: 4 ) 3 GR, 1 SH, 2 W


Core: 95 Bonus: 153

* Noldor Spearman are BP 5, can Wheel and Move, and form Shieldwall.

** Noldor Heavy Cavalry are BP 4 Veterans.

Neither Noldor nor Sindar Heavy Cavalry are subject to Obligatory Charges.

List Author: David Billinghurst