Numidian 212BC to 46BC

Numidians 212BC to 46BC

Perhaps the Classical worlds most famous light cavalry, the Numidians were experts at skirmishing against enemy cavalry. The armies were originally noted as being little more than an armed mob, but when Syphax imported a Roman centurion - Statorius - the army became good enough to compel Carthage to take steps to destroy the resulting infantry. The Numidians did subsequently retain the use of small units and standards and this made them more than a handful on the battlefield and in campaigns. It is significant that the distinctive Numidian horseman was still a feature in Roman armies at the time of Trajan.

The particular methods of Numidians in battle cannot be readily transposed to Armati and an original exercise in reducing some troop factors was not a success. The list returns the army to the standard game parameters.

The Heavy cavalry were Numidian nobility. When using more than one unit of HC the second unit will always be Celtic and Spanish mercenaries such as those employed in equal or larger numbers by Jugurtha.

The people had three national pastimes. Running, riding and javelin throwing which says it all.

Elephants were extensively used by national armies, ranging from around 44 (twice as many as Pyrrhus used) to 120 against Caesar.

Era: Age of Empires   Numidian 212BC to 46BC CR: H: 2 L: 6   BP: 2 Init: 6
Number Type   Description Key FV PROT Weapon Cost
4 LC   K 2[0]0 1 Javelins 7
4 LI     4[1]2 1 Javelins 7
2 SI     3[1]2 2 Javelins 2
2 HC Bodyguard K 4[0]0 1 Javelins 10
8 LC   K 2[0]0 1 Javelins 7
5 LI Levys* K 4[1]2 1 Javelins 7
3 LHI ** K 4[1]2 1 Javelins 7
3 EL African Elephants K 4[3]1 1 Various 10
8 SI     3[1]2 2 Javelins 2
2 SI     2[1]1 2 Bows 2
2 SI Spanish mercenaries   3[1]2 2 Slings 2


Core: 1GR

Bonus: (Max: 4 ) 2GR; 2SH; 1WD; 2RG


Core: 98 Bonus: 186


* If ANY bonus LI are bought then ALL LI become key

** Only if at least one elephant is bought

OPTIONAL UNITS (At tournament umpires discretion)

These are Syphaxes infantry and while they existed do not to my mind produce a representative army for Numidians. These are here for the use of those who wish to run Punic Wars campaigns and want another opponent for Carthage.

3 x FT [k] (Imitation Legio) 6[2]1 +2 spears/swords @ 9

List by Luxor with acknowledgement to Mark Fry, Vincent Auger for comment and discussion.

List Author: Luxor