Provincial Garrison Roman 100BC to 100AD

This represents most of the Roman armies of the late Republic and early Principate as they really were, as opposed to how they were depicted on glossy recruiting posters (e.g. Trajan's column). These are the (fairly) loyal soldiers of the Umpteenth Legion, of whom the Emperor himself once said "Who?". You are stationed in a Gods forsaken province with a rotten climate, surly natives, foul food and ugly women. You haven't used your sword for so long it's probably rusted in place, while your shovel, conversely, is nearly worn out. You have dug ditches, dug mines, dug the foundations of aqueducts, roads, buildings, everything that requires digging you have dug, ad nauseam. Your esteemed legate, of noble patrician blood ( i.e. he's an inbred idiot) would have run the whole outfit into the ground long since, except the Primus Pilus does all the work for him. You and your mates are under no illusions that if the worst comes to the worst and the province is invaded / the province revolts / the next Civil War starts, then it will almost certainly all end in horrible gory disaster, especially if the legate tries to be a hero. Nevertheless, you soldier on, trying to do your duty as best you can and praying fervently for your discharge. As the Primus Pilus likes to say, "If you can't take a joke, you shouldn't have enlisted"

This list could apply to the Roman armies repeatedly beaten by the Dacians in the reign of Domitian, to those raised in a hurry and thrown into action in Civil Wars, to those whose discipline and training had collapsed due to long inaction on quiet stations, to those beaten by the British (the British !!) in Boudicca's revolt, to those beaten by Pharnaces' Pontics during Caesar's absence, or, well, you get the idea, don't you?

Era: Age of Empires   Provincial Garrison Roman 100BC to 100AD CR: H: 4 L: 3   BP: 2 Init: 4
Number Type   Description Key FV PROT Weapon Cost
5 FT Legion* K 6[2]1 2 Pila and Swords 9
1 HC Roman K 4[0]0 1 Various 10
1 LI Auxilla   4[1]2 1 Javelins 7
5 FT Legion K 6[2]1 2 Pila and Swords 9
5 FT Trained Levies K 5[2]1 2 Pila and Sword 7
4 WB Tribal Allies** K 5[1]3 1 Various 6
2 HC Auxilla K 4[0]0 1 Various 10
2 LC Auxilla   2[0]0 1 Javelins 7
5 SI Auxilla   3[1]2 2 Javelins 2
2 SI Auxilla   2[1]1 2 Bows 2
2 SI Auxilla   3[1]2 2 Slings 2


Core: 1GR

Bonus: (Max: 2 ) 2GR; 1SH; 1W; 1RG


Core: 95 Bonus: 156

*Up to 2 Legion units may be converted to Cohorts at an additonal cost of 2 points each. One such cohort unit may be upgraded to FV 7(2)2 as the first cohort for a further cost of 2 points. The unit or units converted and or upgraded may be either Core Units or Bonus units.

** WB BP3 move 6" May not form up in same division as Legion

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Last Edited: 14 April 2008

List Author: Mithridates