Republican Romans in Italy (2nd Punic War)

This is an experimental list to see if it is possible to represent the Republican Roman army of the 2nd Punic War more realistically within Armati. As such it introduces a new unit type with special abilities and it is not intended to ever be approved for tournament.

Era: Age of Empires   Republican Romans in Italy (2nd Punic War) CR: H: 4 L: 2   BP: 2 Init: 4
Number Type   Description Key FV PROT Weapon Cost
2 LEG* Roman Legions K 7[2]2 +2 Pila/Swords 17
2 LEG Latin Legions K 6[2]2 +2 Pila/Swords 15
2 LEG Roman Legion K 7[2]2 +2 Pila/Swords 17
2 LEG Latin Legion K 6[2]2 +2 Pila/Swords 15
1 HC Roman Cavalry K 3[0]0 +1 Various 8
1 HC Latin Cavalry** K 3[0]0 +1 Various 8
1 HC Latin Cavalry** K 4[0]0 +1 Various 10
16 SI Roman or Italian Velites   3[1]2 +2 Javelins 2


Core: 1GR

Bonus: (Max: 3 ) 2GR; 1SH; 1W; 1RG


Core: 96 Bonus: 148


* Legion (LEG) is a new unit type. It is a one section unit of HI, 80mm wide by 60mm deep. It represents lines of Hastatii, Principes and Triarii in chequerboard formation. The figures should ideally be placed on it to represent this visually, 20 figures per unit is recommended. For the less artistic use 2 units of HI, deployed wide and echeloned. A legion has a unit BP of 7 and only loses 3BP for each melee result against it which would normally cause a unit to be instantly broken (due to impetus or rear/flank contact by a heavy unit). A legion always uses it's frontal FV for frontal melees, even if contacted in flank or rear by heavy units. It uses it's flank value against flank/rear attacks, as per the standard rules.

OPTIONAL: To represent the use of the pila every time a Legions front edge comes into contact with an enemy HI unit (including WB) the legion gets to make a javelin shot at the enemy unit. A hit results in the target unit becoming disordered rather than taking a BP. This rule is applied regardless of which unit initiated the contact and whether or not the Legion is already engaged in melee from a previous round. For simplicity this should be diced for during the movement phase, at the moment each contact occurs.

The cost for such a unit is not provided for in the points formula, but based on the cost difference between BP3 and BP4 WB an increase of 2 points per extra BP has been applied. As it could be argued that this should only be 1 point per BP, in line with the cost of a veteran unit, the special rules reducing the effect of flank/rear attacks and the use of the pila are not factored into the cost. The increased vulnerability of the unit to flank attacks and it's severely reduced chance of achieving the same are also justification for not charging for these abilities.

** Only one Latin HC may be purchased for every 2 Latin LEG in the army. If both units of Latin HC are purchased they must be deployed in the same division.

List Author: Boudica