Tacitan German 50BC to 150AD

The attempted suppression of Germany by Rome led to a series of encounters in which Rome could never quite muster the effort to conquer this land of forests and savages inhabited by tribal warriors ranging from skin clad men with clubs to the disciplined Chatti advancing steadily to combat under nominated generals.

Tacitus considers Germans at length in three books: The Annals, The Histories, and The Germania.

Additional material is extracted from Caeser - The Conquest of Gaul.

Era: Age of Empires Tacitan German 50BC to 150AD CR: H: 5 L: 3   BP: 2 Init: 4    
Number Type Description Key FV PROT Weapon Cost
2 LI Tribals 4[1]2 1 Javelin (Framaea) 7
4 WB Suebi K 5[1]3 1 Various 8
1 HC Nobles K 4[0]0 1 Spears 10
1 SI     2[1]1 2 Bow 2
8 WB Suebi * K 5[1]3 1 Various 8
8 LI Suebi * K 4[1]2 1 Javelin (Framaea) 7
4 FT Chatti ** K 6[1]1 1 Various 8
3 LI Central/Eastern Tribal Allies   4[1]2 1 Javelin 7
4 SI Hundreds ***   3[1]2 2 Javelin 2
6 SI Young Men   3[1]2 2 Javelin 2
1 SI     2[1]1 2 Bow 2
1 SI     3[1]2 2 Sling 2
3 HC German Cavalry K 4[0]0 1 Spears 10
1 HC Cherusci/Batavii K 5[0]0 1 Spears 11


Core: 1 Wood

Bonus: (MAX 4 ) 3GR; 1SH; 2W; 1RG


* Up to a maximum of 8 units may be selected as a combined total from these two lines.

** Chatti are recorded in the Germania as marching steadily to combat and showing contempt for swift advances and retreats as employed by other Germans. Therefore Chatti count as FT in all repects. All Chatti must form up in the same division with no other units in that division.

*** These were selected from among the young men for their stamina and attached to cavalrymen. These may only be acquired as supports for HC.

Cherusci and Batavii were noted for their ferocity in the attack and the latter were used extensively by the Romans who waived taxes and tribute in return for military service. Better horses and training served only to make them more efficient.

Core WB may form up deep.

WB are BP 4 and move 6 inches.

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