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Tactica Methodious amended 2004

By the guttering light of a candle, I raise my quill in shaking, ink stained,fingers and begin to write the amended parchment. Meth the merciless has broken the silence. Now the tactics of victory can be revealed. Here then are the commandments of the Methode for all beginners to read and become wise:

Thou shalt use LC to slow and stop flank turning movements.

Thou shalt not fear to put non-core LC into the rear of any good troops to slow and halt or even kill them.

Thou shalt use Cataphracts to soak up bowfire for their PROT is high and their days are long in the land of their fathers.

Thou shalt promptly move off to the front when an enemy doth get behind your flank and before he can turn.

Thou shalt always consider carefully the direction of melee in thy turn so thy casualties may be spread or take out the less useful warriors.

Thou shalt fight LI in pairs against cavalry

Thou shalt use LHI to play tag with CAV

Thou shalt always measure so LC Bow is over 15" away from any opponent before finishing a move.

Thou shalt remember that it is good to load one flank and be strong somewhere.

Thou shalt not be be too proud to run away if you need a rest and the sweat is on thy brow.

Thou shalt always use zone of control as a delaying tactic for enemy troops.

Thou shalt use non core troops to fatally slow down the enemies best units, in the sure and certain knowledge that they are as nothing in the final count of victory.

Thou shalt always ensure that your units are placed to give support where it is needed

Thou shalt always complain that thy army is weak, even when thou knowest it is strong and powerful in the ways of war.

Thou mayest leave SI bows out of control in central areas to draw out or even kill the unbeliever.

Thou shalt avoid two units or more of cavalry having to turn where possible, for they will spend too many cycles of the game doing fancy wheels.

Thou shalt not fear to move to the flank of a unit of two cavalry units with your LI, thus leaving them no target to charge.

Never suffer thy SI to be over run. Pulled back to the rear, they can smite the flanking or breakthrough units of the defiled.

Deploy some LC wide and in columns that they may put out sleeting broadsides of arrows. Even better, form them in a 'train' a deep column of four units in echolon so your LC can fire out of the side.

Beware a certain Scot who wears shorts in all weathers and finds strange new rules to confuse and confound; for he hath a way of slowing time down until sleep caresses thine eyes.

Never forget to hold one unit of cavalry back to charge his cavalry in contact, so they, and only they, will have impetus.

Thou shalt avoid playing Meth the Merciless or the Merkit Dog Rider unless you like self flagellation


Ps. All done for fun but invaluable for the new player.

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