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War Flute Good Conduct Guide For Tournaments

6 Jan 2005

Unless both players agree otherwise, the rules used will be Armati Second Edition. Unless both players agree otherwise, all of the rules will be used with no optional rules. All interpretations posted on Warflute will be used. The Armati organizer for that tournament will provide copies of whatever interpretations, rules, and guidelines are in effect. Should two consenting adults agree otherwise, they may use any version of Armati, any optional rule, or any interpretation that seems good to them.

Army lists will consist of core units and terrain plus 75 points of bonus units and terrain. Playing mats, screens, and rudimentary terrain may be available. Players are encouraged to bring their own, as well as any measuring devices needed.

The Armati organizer will publish the method of scoring, the armies useable, and the structure of the tournament.

There are several mandatory conventions.

  1. Veterans must be declared immediately on the first turn when placed on the table. Failure to do so forfeits veteran status at your opponent's option.
  2. Hidden units must be placed on the paper four by eight sheet in the position that they will occupy when placed on the table. Notify an umpire or another player of the fact that you have hidden units and show him the simulacrum. If you need more than one simulated terrain piece, bring them.
  3. Units that are support charge eligible must be verbally declared to be support charge eligible. Failure to do so results in the unit or units losing support charge eligibility at your opponent's option.
  4. Generals may not evade unless they were attached to a unit capable of evading during the previous turn.
  5. There have been complaints about speed of play in the past. A player is entitled to take no more than one minute per controlled division of the moving player's army for movement if so requested by his opponent by verbal request made to the referee in advance of any turn of play. When the request is made, both players will thereafter have one minute per controlled division of their side on the table at the start of the turn. Egg timers may be provided. Failure to comply with the time limit will result in a player losing the ability to move units after the expiration of his time at his opponent's option.
  6. The largest area of complaint has always been multiple movements of units. Once you move a complete unit wholly or partially from its initial position, you may not move it again. Shadow bases are permitted.
  7. Problems sometimes arise from alignment of bases. If there is a question arising from a failure to have cleanly aligned bases, the question should be resolved against the player with the poorly aligned bases.
  8. Flank attacks are deadly and often cause emotional turmoil. If you think that your unit is starting and/or ending in a position to claim a flank attack, please advise your opponent so that he can check the geometry.
  9. Advanced Armati has a very nice page on tournament etiquette, I commend it to you.
  10. Spectators are spectators. Spectators should not provide tactical advice under any circumstances or answer unsolicited rules questions. An umpire may, but need not, correct a misinterpretation of the rules. The permissive phrasing of the preceding sentence is intended as a warning to umpires not to substitute their interpretation of rules for one agreed upon by the players and to refrain from too active a role in providing rules advice which may be translated into tactical advice and result in a perception of bias. Unlike sporting events or court rooms, umpires in Armati are intended merely to facilitate play and not to control it. However, it never hurts to provide rules or tactical advice after the game is over.
  11. Play nice. Failure to play nice is a bad, bad thing with bad, bad consequences.

This page is one of the few that will change in place. The Armati community is global and we want to both learn from our distant friends and keep ourselves applicable. At the top of the page is the last modified date. If substantial changes are made the date will reflect the latest change. The date will not change if the modifications are just typographical fixes.

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