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This site is for the promotion and support of the Armati community.

Armati is a rules set for gaming with miniature figures and simulating ancient warfare from Biblical times to just before the introduction of gunpowder weapons. Armati 2d Edition was written by Rob Wolsky with the assistance of Arty Conliffe and is copyrighted by ACs The Strength Trainer, Inc.

Armati 2nd Edition is a direct lineal descendant of Advanced Armati and Armati. Over the years countless gamers have contributed their thought and creative effort to the development of the rules. This site continues that tradition of community effort.

We will provide forums for the development of new army lists, education of our members, and evolutions to the rules for submission for approval to the authors. Of course, nothing on this site is official but rather the product of creative gamers.

Feel free to use the armies or experimental rules herein as you deem desirable or fun. Of course, we are all free to use rules and lists agreed to by our opponent, called for by a scenario, or approved by the organizer of a tournament.

Not only will you find armies in development and experimental rules herein, but more importantly as you see on our left side menu we have quite a few offerings.

Combine this with original research, humour, with liberal doses of controversy and the mix is irresistible

Ave salutat

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Armati Second Edition copyright 2003 'The Strength Trainer'

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