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Akkadian 2350 B.C. to 2200 B.C.

Chinese Barbarian


Lydian 750 B.C. to 547 B.C.*

Medes (650-550 B.C.)



New Kingdom Ramesside

Sea Peoples 1208BC to 1180BC

Sha-ching (1500-400 BC)

Shang Chinese (Yin)

Sumerian 3000-2500 BC


Zagros Mountain Highlanders 3000 to 2500 B.C.


Late Alexandrian Imperial Indian Conquest

Cypriot City States

Illyrian 750 BC - 23 BC

Late Assyrian 800 - 610BC

Late Egyptian

Late Etruscan

Lower Hsia-chia-tien (800-300 B.C.)

Middle Bosporan Kingdom

New Assyrians Circa 800-610 BCE

Northern Thracian 380BC to 180BC

Pontic Steppes Scythian 800-313 B.C.

Southern Thracian 380BC to 180BC

Tullian Roman (500-400 B.C.)

Upper Hsia-chia-tien (1100 B.C.-800 B.C.)

Age of Empires

Alexander's Inheritance 359 - 336BC

Ancient British Tribal Army 400 BC to 80 AD

Ancient Spanish

Antigonid 318BC - 301BC

Antiochid Seleucid

Bastarnae 200BC-300AD

Blemmye (Luxor)

Carthage Resurgent 218BC - 202BC

Celto-Thracian c. 285 BC to 200 BC

Cimbri and Teutones 115BC to 102BC

DRAFT Classical Maya City State

Early Sarmatian, 500 BC to 50 AD

Early Sassanid (221 to 290 A.D.)


Fabian Roman 215BC to 202BC

Galatians circa 280 to 180 BC

Gallic Resistance

Graeco-Bactrian 250BC to 55BC

Gupta Indian

Hellenistic Greek c.250BC to 55BC

High Sarmatian 50AD to 450AD

Hsiung-Nu allied with Chinese 274 BC to 150 AD

Hsiung-Nu of Mao-Dun 209 BC to 174 BC

Hsiung-Nu with Subordinated Nomads - 80-100 A.D.*

Imperial Roman 27BC -117AD


Late Republican Legions 102BC - 49BC

Late Western Roman 300AD to 350AD

Later Attalid

Later Bosporan Kingdom 10-50 A.D.

Later Han in Kashgaria (80-100 A.D. more or less)

Later Pontic

Later Pontic

Later Romanised Ptolemaic


Lysimachus 361BC - 281 BC

Maccabean Jewish

Marius' Mules 105BC to 100BC

Mauryan Indian

Mid Imperial Rome 118AD to 235AD

Middle Republican

Nabataean Arab

Numidian 212BC to 46BC


Pictish - Luxor

Pompeian Iberian

Provincial Garrison Roman 100BC to 100AD

Ptolemaic 322BC to 204BC

Pyrrhic Armies 280BC to 272BC


Roman Civil Wars 100BC to 100AD

Roman Slave Legions (Beneventum 214 B.C.)

Saka circa 300 B.C. to 250 A.D.


Sarmatian Alternative 1AD - 450AD

Sassanids 293 A.D. to 388 A.D.

Iberian Army of Scipio 211BC to 206BC

Sertorian Iberian

Sicilian Slave Revolts (73-70 B.C)

Sicilian Slave Revolts (1st and 2nd Servile War (135-132 BC and 104-103 BC))

Social War Italian (90-88 B.C.)

Spartacus Revolt

Spartan Reformed c. 235 BC - 196 BC

Syracusan Greek

Tacitan German

Wu-Sun circa 180 B.C.

Triumph of Cavalry

Aetius- Romano-Hunnic 435-439 AD

Aghlabid and Kalbid Muslim Sicily 827 to 1091 AD

Almoravides (Black Riders)

Alternative Pre-Feudal Scots

Andalusian Spanish

Germanic Invasion

Anglo Saxon 11th Century AD

Aquitanian Frank 650 AD to 750 AD

Arab Berber Conquest of Spain 711 to 732 Ummayyad Spain to 1031 A.D.

Arab Conquest before 640AD



Auxum - Army of Ezana

Avar 540 AD to 670 AD

Bagratid Georgian

Boniface's Armies in North Africa 422-431 AD (Notitia Version)

Central Asian Turk (early)

Central Asian Turk (Urbanised)

Chagatid Ulus

Continental Saxon c. 600 AD - 1150 AD

Dark Ages Traditional Irish

Dark Ages Welsh c. 900 - 1100 AD

DRAFT Armies of Marcellinus of Dalamatia 454 to 468 AD

DRAFT Armies of Ricimer 456 to 472 AD

DRAFT Army of Constantine III 407 to 411 AD

DRAFT Majorian’s Army in Gaul 458 to 461 AD

DRAFT Army Of Odovacer 476 to 493 AD

DRAFT Boniface in North Africa 422-431 AD (Liebschuetz Version)

DRAFT Carolingian 714 to 814 AD

DRAFT Daylami Tribal, C9th to C11th

DRAFT Ecdicius in Southern Gaul 470 to 475 AD

DRAFT First Burgundian Kingdom 411 to 436 AD

DRAFT Ildigisal’s Lombards 548 to 552AD

DRAFT Imperial Tibetan

DRAFT Late Lombard South Duchies 775 to 1076 AD

DRAFT Later Eastern Carolingian and Ottonian 843 to 1024AD

DRAFT Later Western Carolingian 814 to 987AD

DRAFT Marcellinus of Dalmatia 454 to 468 AD

DRAFT Northern Gallo Roman 457 to 486 AD

DRAFT Revolt of Firmus 372 to 375 AD

DRAFT The Armies of Ricimer 456 to 472 AD

DRAFT Western Late Roman 300AD to 350AD

Early Avar

Early Breton c. 450 AD - 811 AD

Early Feudal German 900 to 1150 A.D.

Early Feudal Hungarian 997 AD to 1200 AD

Early Italian Lombard Kingdom 628 to 711 AD

Early Kingdom of Bohemia c.900 AD - 1200 AD

Early Kingdom of Poland

Early Papal c. 1000 AD

East African tribal

Franco Alamannic 530 to 560AD

Gepid Army

Ghaznavid 963 AD to 1187 AD

Goths of Totila (Ostrogoths)(541 50 554 AD)

Greater Moravia

Hamdanid Emirate 929 A.D. to 967 A.D.


Hsien-Pi circa 500 A.D. to 1080 A.D.

Hun Black Sea Steppe Army 320AD to 410 AD

Hun Empire 410 to 460 AD

Italian Goths 489 to 540 AD


Kingdom of the Isles c. 1000 to 1493 AD

Late Lombard South Duchies 775 to 1076 AD

Later Blemmye 400 AD to 600 AD

Later Breton 851 to 1100 A.D.

Later Central Asian Turks

Later Cilician Armenian 1071-1375 A.D.

Later Italo Lombard 774 to 1076 A.D.

Later Lombard Kingdom 712 to 774 AD

Later Sassanid Empire 531 AD to 632 AD

Later Shahid Indian (circa 1000 A.D.)

Later Sui and Early T'ang Chinese

Martial African Tribal

Middle Empire Sassanids 421 A.D. to 483 A.D.

Nikephorian Praecepta Army

Normans 933AD - 1066AD

Norse-Irish c. 841 - 1156 AD

Peoples Crusade 1096 AD

Romano British - Celtic Kingdoms 410AD-600AD


Seljuk Sultanate of Rum -1220-1276 A.D.

Serb or Croat

Slav Antes

Suebian Spanish Kingdom 409-585


The Armies of Stilicho 396-408 AD


Viking Invasion 750 to 950AD

Visigoth 600 to 721 A.D.

Age of Chivalry

Late Crusader

Anglo-Irish 1172-1361 AD

Army of the Maid

Ayyubid: Army of Saladin

Black Sheep & White Sheep Turks

Cantonal Swiss

Chingissid Mongol

DRAFT Medieval Scandinavian Kingdoms 1050 AD through Age of Chivalry

DRAFT Burgundian Ordonnance

DRAFT French Ordonnance

DRAFT Holy Roman Empire (Habsburg) – Imperialist German

DRAFT Hsi-Hsian 982AD - 1227AD

DRAFT Later 100 years War English

DRAFT Later Low Countries

DRAFT Later Teutonic Order - 1410 AD onwards

DRAFT Teutonic Order - 1325AD - 1410AD

DRAFT Wars of the Roses

Early Baltic Crusader

Early Egyptian Mameluke (Circa 1249-1277 AD)

Early Kingdom of Jerusalem 1100 to 1143

Early Medieval Irish

Early Orthodox Russian

Free Company 100 Years War

Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Il-Khanid Mongol 1256 AD to 1354 AD

Indigenous Iraqi and Iranian Armies under the Il-khanids

Italian Communal Army

Jurchen or Khitan Liao

Kingdom of Acre 1204 to 1291

Knights Hospitallers

Later Kingdom of Jerusalem 1144 to 1187

Later Paleologan Byzantine: 1384AD - 1453AD

Later Prussian

Low Countries

Medieval Indian Hindu State

Medieval Indian Muslim State

Medieval Southern Indian Tamil

Pagan Prussians

Later Prussian

Reconquista Spanish 1350 - 1492

Resurgent Spanish Christian 1050 -1300AD

Romanian Frank (Latin Greece) 1204AD to 1377AD

Second Bulgarian Empire - Peasant Revolt 1277-1280+ A.D.

Second Bulgarian Empire 1250-1391 A.D.

Siculo Norman Mainland Option

Siculo Norman Saracen Option


South Welsh

Tartar Khanate

The Devil's Horsemen - Mongol Russian Campaign Army

Third Crusade

Trapezuntine Byzantine - 1204AD to 1461AD

Tuaregs 800 AD to 1500 AD

Yuan Chinese 1274 to 1281 A.D.

Yuan Chinese

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