Aetius- Romano-Hunnic 435-439 AD

In his labours to re-establish Roman rule in Gaul Aetius is reported to have supplimented his forces with Hun Allies, especially in the attacks upon the Burgundians.

Era: Triumph of Cavalry   Aetius - Romano-Hunnic 435-439 AD CR: H: 3 L: 5   BP: 2 Init: 6
Number Type   Description Key FV PROT Weapon Cost
1 HC (d!) Bukellarii* K 5[1]0 +1 Lance/Bow 13
1 HC (d!) Roman K 4[0]0 +1 Various 10
1 HC Hun K 4[0]0 +1 Lance/Bow 12
1 LC Hun K 1[0]0 +1 Bow 6
3 LC Hun K 2[0]0 +1 Various/Bow 8
1 FT Legion K 6[1]1 +1 Spear-Bow** 10
3 FT Legion K 5[1]1 +1 Spear-Bow** 8
2 LHI Auxilia K 4[1]2 +1 Javelins 7
2 LI Auxilia   3[1]2 +1 Javelins 5
1 LI Auxilia K 3[1]2 +1 Bow 6
2 SI     2[1]1 +2 Bow** 2
2 SI     3[1]2 +2 Javelins 2
1 HC(d!) Lesser Bukellarii K 4[0]0 +1 Lance/Bow 12
1 LC Roman K 2[0]0 +1 Javelins 7
2 LC Hun K 1[0]0 +1 Bow 6
2 LC Hun K 2[0]0 +1 Various/Bow 8
1 HC Franks K 4[0]0 +1 Various 10
2 WB Franks*** K 5[1]2 +1 Various 8


Core: 1GR

Bonus: (Max: 3 ) 2GR,2W,1RG


Core: 234 Bonus: 145

* Bukellarii are subject to Obligatory Charge (lesser Bukellarrii are not).

** For each Bonus Legion FT bought, reduce the number of Bonus SI Bow available by 1 per Legion FT.

Legion FT may be fielded as:

FT Legion FV5[1]1 Spear PROT +1 (6 pts) AND SI Bow FV2[1]1Bow PROT +2 (2 pts)

No more than 4 SI Bow may be fielded in the army.

*** These WB are BP 4 and move 6 inches. WB are subject to obligatory charge.

From 433 to 450 Aëtius was the dominant personality in the Western empire assuming the positions of both Patrician and Magister Utriusque Militiae .

The restoration of Roman rule in Gaul was to receive his closest attentions.

In 435/6, in an attempt to restore rule in Northern Gaul, Aëtius campaigned against the Bagaudae (local leaders without official sanction) and then continued his campaigning against the Burgundians, who were attempting to expand their influence.

There were two attacks on the Burgundians, one in 435 and one in 436. The first may have been made by Aëtius with Hun allies and the second solely by Huns from Barbaricum (and thus possibly under Attila) providing some basis for the story first recorded by Paul the Deacon that Attila slew the Burgundian king Gundigar along with 20,000 Burgundians (and which later became the basis for the whole Nibelungen Saga).

If the second attack was made by a purely Hun force it is covered by the Hun Empire lists but for the Romano-Hunnic attack the above should be used. A similar force may have been commanded by Litorius in his campaign against the Visigoths in 436-9 AD.

All ‘Roman’ Units (Legion, LHI, LI and most SI) are the remnants of the Army of Gaul that had taken such a mauling, hence the downgrading pf the 3 FT Legions that represent pseudocomitensis units. The FV6 Legion represents a Legion of ‘quality’ (i.e. better armed) such as the Lanciarii Honoriani Gallicani or the Secundani Britones.

The LI Auxila Bow represent the best of this troop type , hence the high FV and Key status.

The Franks are either foederati or allies from the northern Frankish kingdoms.

Sources: Vegitus, Jordanes, Prosper, Notia Dignitatum, Chronica Gallica, Bury, Elton, Maenchen-Helfen

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