Later Prussian 1275 AD to 1283 AD

This list is designed to simulate the later Pagan Prussian armies that fought the Teutonic Order, Pagan Lithuanians, Christian Polish, Orthodox Russian forces and Baltic Scandinavian settlers, as well as each other.

As the period progressed, more emphasis was put on fighting against cavalry using ambush from dense terrain, hence the option to field more WB. Similarly contemporary chroniclers comment that the wealthier Prussians were starting to adopt more westernised armour, in particular mail shirts and conical helms. However the bow, axe and javelin were still the primary weapons.

Era: Age of Chivalry   Later Prussian CR: H: 5 L: 3   BP: 2 Init: 4
Number Type   Description Key FV PROT Weapon Cost
10 WB   K 4[1]2 +1 Various/javelins 4
6 SI     3[1]2 +2 Javelins 2
3 SI     2[1]1 +2 Bows 2
8 WB (see Note) K 4[1]2 +1 Various/Bows 6
8 WB (see Note) K 5[1]3 +1 Various 6
8 LHI (see Note) K 4[1]2 +1 Javelins/Bows 8
8 LHI (see Note) K 4[1]2 +1 Javelins 7
8 LI (see Note) K 3[1]1 +1 Javelins/Bows 6
8 LI (see Note) K 4[1]2 +1 Javelins 7
1 HC Nobles/Allies K 4[0]0 +1 Various 10
2 LC Allies K 2[0]0 +1 Various/bows 8
2 FT Allies K 5[1]1 +1 Spears/Various 6
10 SI     3[1]2 +2 Javelins 2
5 SI     2[1]1 +2 Bows 2


Core: 1WD

Bonus: (Max: 5 ) 2 WD; 3 RG; 3 GR; 1 SH


Core: 95 Bonus: 388

WB, LHI & LI depict Prussian tribesmen.

WB using bows are not subject to Obligatory Charge

Core WB may form deep.

Bonus WB may deploy on flanks.

All WB are BP 3 Move 9 inches (& may break off)

The total COMBINED number of units of Bonus WB, LHI and LI can never be more than 10. Bow armed LHI and LI cannot exceed half of Bonus LHI & LI bought.

This allows the player to simulate the steady evolution of Prussian tactics in an attempt to answer the encroachment of the Teutonic Order and German colonists

HC Allies are Poles or Russians. Russians are HC(d) and can dismount to bolster allied Russian FT.

LC Allies are Lithuanians, Samogitians, Poles Russians or Tartars.

FT Allies are either Polish or Russian. If any allied FT are bought all must purchased and all allied FT must be fielded in their own seperate Division, along with any dismounted Russian HC (if applicable).

List Author: Aetius