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INIT Camp Idiot

This is an alternate method for assigning INIT to armies.

All armies begin with an INIT of 4. Using the Bonus points assigned for the game, a player may purchase up to 3 additional points of INIT; +1 costs 10 points, +2 costs 30, and +3 costs 40.

To use existing army lists, multiply the current INIT by 2 and add that number to the amount of Bonus points that can be spent however the player wants.

Feigned Flight Subodai

This is intended to be inserted in the Subsequent Turns section of the Break Off move on page 27.

"If a unit that performs a break off rolls a 6 as its break off roll, the enemy unit that it breaks off from uses its flank factor against all mounted opponents in any melee on the following turn only regardless of whether or not it is actually flanked. If outscored by any heavy mounted unit, it is immediately broken. On subsequent turns, it fights normally."

The idea is that a feigned flight is only successful part of the time. The result is that the enemy unit is spread out from the point of initial contact to the end point of the flight and that any unit attacking the victim of a feigned flight will have an advantage roughly equivalent to a flank attack.

The low probability and limited duration of the effect will hopefully mean that this is not the end all of cavalry tactics. On the other hand, it gives tactics like those used at Hastings a chance of success.

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